Peppertown Gold Coast is now part of Peppertown Group - Brisbane,
ALL of the Peppertown Gold Coast products are NOW available at our super site  There is only ONE Peppertown superstore in Australia at
1908 Sandgate Road, Virginia, QLD 4014. Brisbane

Peppertown 1908 Sandgate Road, Virginia, QLD

Our goal is to challenge the kids and, in turn, reduce the risk of children developing diabetes later in life and also help reduce the prevalence of obesity in children today.  Children greatly benefit from developing gross and fine motor skills at an early age and statistics have shown that physical activity in their early years can benefit children when they get older and reduce the chances of many diseases, this is why children of today have to be encouraged to play and develop all necessary skills for the future. 

Since 1974 Peppertown has been at the cutting edge of playground equipment design and manufacture. Many of our playground and fort designs have been adopted by Australian education and medical institutes, and we are proud that our products and designs have earned a reputation for excellence, quality and integrity over the years with 1000’s of happy customers.

We also believe it is important to care for the environment, that’s why the Skyfort Playgrounds are made out of ACQ treated timber. This treatment has a 20 year warranty against most common pests and is safe to use around children even if they consume the timber or get splinters. The reason for this is that there is NO ARSENIC contained anywhere in the treatment process, making it safe for humans and animals.

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